Trump, and many other Republicans, choose to not believe the scientific and objective evidence that human activity is a major factor in climate change. From the beginning of the industrial revolution, the U.S. has been a major polluter of the world.

In the 1980s, warnings were given about the problem but most political and business leaders refused to heed them. Profits were more important than the danger.

During the past 10 or so years, Americans have shown the world that they could make positive changes. Trump is now taking this nation backward.

The United States should be a leader in climate solutions. This nation should set the example and educate others to join in. Young people are trying to teach that to the world. The Green Plan has been proposed. It may not be the ideal solution.

Republicans offer only criticism but no practical alternative.

Climate change will make large areas of the Earth uninhabitable. That will lead to massive migration. Recent data indicates much of the South American immigration is because of drought in their homeland.

The evidence is there for those with open eyes — glaciers are melting,  oceans are warming, sea levels are rising, temperatures and storms are more extreme.

The Earth itself will not be destroyed, but will humankind be able to survive the destruction of the environment?

Will that be the legacy for future generations?

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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