In 1972, I began a teaching career in Lewiston, and in 1973 was a part of the move to “The New High School.”

People still refer to Lewiston High School as the “new high school,” but it’s not new anymore. Lewiston should take great pride in this very well maintained facility and its other new schools throughout the district. The city and the school department have always worked hard to keep their schools in good condition and, after 50 years, the high school is still the center of student learning and community activities.

But times have changed. Lewiston High School was built to meet the educational needs of 1973, and over the following 50 years, education and educational needs have changed. We know that art and special education belong in a place of their own, and not in what is commonly referred to as “the dungeon.”

Lewiston values what it builds; we need to value what we believe as well. It’s time to support the expansion of Lewiston High School to meet the student needs of today.

Roger Fuller, Lewiston

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