I was born and raised here in Auburn with Rhyanna Larose. I have always been amazed by her passion and energy. Rhyanna has always been a doer — self-driven, deliberate and determined.

The Rhyanna I know wants to know the details. She wants to know as much as she can about the issues. She wants to weigh the pros and the cons and understand how the solutions will help or harm. Rhyanna will bring that to the table if you elect her. She’ll study the issues. She’ll look at the various perspectives. She’ll ask her constituents, “Will this help you? Is there a better way?”

The Rhyanna I know has a clear love for this city. Her love for Auburn is why she is running. That love for Auburn and desire to do the best for its citizens will be her guiding force if she is elected.

Misty Edgecomb, Auburn

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