On Oct. 16, the Sun Journal published a Portland Press Herald article titled “Chiropractors give boost to people’s veto campaign against new vaccine law.” It unjustly singled out the chiropractic profession while presenting falsehoods about chiropractic education and history. The Maine Chiropractic Association would like to correct these errors.

Medical doctors alone can claim to hold a medical degree; however, repeated independent studies have confirmed that medical, osteopathic and chiropractic hours and curricula are equivalent. Chiropractic physicians are just as capable at interpreting and disseminating science and literature reviews, but without any potential bias from pharmaceutical conflicts of interest.

Maine chiropractic licensure occurred in 1923, nearly 100 years ago. The author’s suggestion that this is due to a 1994 law is so patently false it conveys professional prejudice. The MCA reminds the public that in 1987, in Wilk vs. American Medical Association, a federal judge issued a permanent injunction against the AMA for covertly attempting to “contain and eliminate chiropractic as a profession” for longer than half a century.

The PPH article clearly illustrates how sad our system is if one cannot make a contribution toward a cause or volunteer for a campaign without fear of public persecution, professional condemnation, or to be removed from a career. The people of Maine must always be able to have open discussions without fear of our livelihoods being attacked.

Chiropractic physicians always have and will continue to fight for freedom of choice in health care decision making. We encourage patients to utilize providers who value their rights.

Robert Reed, Lewiston

Executive director, Maine Chiropractic Association

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