100 Years Ago: 1919

Gov. Milliken Saturday issued a proclamation designating Nov. 11, Armistice Day, as a public holiday. the proclamation is vouched in the following language: “In accordance with the request of the Legislature, expressed in a joint resolution adopted unanimously, I am very glad to urge upon the people of Maine the observance of Tuesday, Nov. l1, 1919, Armistice Day, as a public holiday. In order to avoid possible misunderstanding, in connection with legal documents and bank transactions it is necessary to point out that the day will not be a legal holiday. I have no power to designate a legal holiday, not already provided by statute, and the Legislature has no power to make, the day a legal holiday except by use of the emergency clause. “The same purpose can be accomplished, however, by the observance of the day in our various communities in such public exercises as may be calculated to recall to our minds the devotion and sacrifice of nearly thirty thousand men.

50 Years Ago: 1969

LA Arts present an artist-In-residence program at Webster School with sculptor Nantz Comyns now through Nov 18. The primary focus of her program is the development of collaboration skills. The children will work in groups on papier-mache sculptures, and subsequent groups will. work on the same sculptures. Comyns will develop a spirit of co-operation and teamwork in the children as well as teach art skills.

25 Years Ago: 1994

The Y-Ettes will meet on Thursday at 7 p.m at the YWCA on East Avenue. The speaker will be Richard A. Speer of the Lewiston Public Library. Hostesses will be Marcia Moulin, Joan Webb, and Barbara Hinkley.

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