I endorse Councilor Michael Marcotte for reelection to the Lewiston City Council. I have had the privilege of serving with him on the Lewiston Finance Committee. I can attest to the fact that he is diligent in protecting the taxpayers of Ward 7.

Councilor Marcotte has a solid background in finance and serves his constituents well. He is unshakable and unwavering when it comes to safeguarding the financial burden on the most vulnerable, our elderly. He has an unparalleled  understanding of Lewiston’s budget and capital borrowing programs.

He is committed to decreasing Lewiston’s debt burden. He understands where investment works. He has supported an upgrade to our failing fire stations, L/A 911 radios, and committed to providing the tools necessary for public safety.

Councilor Marcotte will encourage growth in our tax base with private sector development, and roll back wasteful spending in areas that only drain the taxpayer.

Denis Theriault, Lewiston

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