President Donald Trump was a successful businessman before being elected. Being thrust into the political world was a different experience for him. He did not follow the behavior pattern of his predecessors. Instead, he moved in a business-like way to get things done, which “stepped on some toes” of delicate egos. He was called crude and unpresidential.

The Democrats were full of resentment from losing the 2016 election and this has led to their march to impeachment. Their media pals are mainly anti-Trump and have done their best to discredit the president.

The congressional Democrats have accomplished little to nothing since 2016 except to try to block anything Trump or the Republicans want to accomplish. In spite of that, much has been done, our country is safe and our economy is good. The Democrats could do a lot more for America by working with the Republicans to repair our infrastructure , improve our health care, and not try to ram through open borders, socialism or safe areas for illegals.

President Trump is human, and makes mistakes like the rest of us. In spite of that, voters should look at what he has done. That speaks volumes. Our congressional delegation should take note.

If Congressman Jared Golden wants to stay in office, he should separate himself from the coattails of ultra-liberal Rep. Chellie Pingree and represent his conservative district.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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