Look out below!
So, this week I was assigned to cover an Androscoggin County commissioners meeting, a fact that would typically send me into a Ricky Gervais level tantrum that would last all night and into morning. My rage was subdued, somewhat, by the fact that by covering the commissioners, I got to enjoy the spectacular floor-to-ceiling urinal in the county building boy’s room. I tell you, that thing is a marvel. Looks like it was installed somewhere around 1949 and was evidently designed for the bathroom needs of the Jolly Green Giant. I’d get one for my own house, but I don’t know if I could handle that amount of awesomeness every day.

Ricky Gervais
That dude is so lucky. CLEARLY he doesn’t have any editors to answer to.

Scam busting
Are you like me? Do you despise scammers who bilk older folks and others who aren’t very technically adept? Of course, you do. Nobody likes scammers. They’re pestilence. The good news is that there are a few heroes doing battle with those weasels and among the very best of them is a fellow named Jim Browning whom you can find on YouTube. This is a fellow so skilled in the art of computer fu, he’s able to flip the script and hack into the computers of the scammers themselves. In many cases, he’s able to return the money to victims of these scams, at the same time leaving the scammers scrambling to repair their mangled systems. I tells you, beholding Browning at work is more joyous and inspiring than watching a bald eagle soar over a sea of beer kegs on the Fourth of July. In the world of scams, schemes and scoundrels, Jim Browning is Batman.

Please don’t lick the sponge
Would you ever consider reading a newspaper found in a public restroom? Plunk your suitcase on a hotel bed? Slide your hand along a banister in a public place? Spend a day without hand sanitizer? If any of these thoughts made you cringe and run for your face mask and hand soap, you may be a germophobe. And who can blame you? There’s a lot of nastiness out there and a whole bunch of stuff just dying to make you sick. I’d like to hear more about what you do to limit contact with germs when you’re out and about and what situations you consider the worst for germs. Send your thoughts to me here at [email protected] or call 689-2876. I’d shake your hand to seal the deal, but I know you don’t like that.

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