PARIS — Apparently former Paris fire chief Brad Frost couldn’t stay retired. He was appointed deputy chief of the department in January, filling a long vacant position, according to Chief Mark Blaquiere.

Blaquiere said Frost was hired on a part-time basis. When Blaquiere was hired as Chief in June, he put a freeze on promotion and demotions. Frost volunteered to fill the void left without a deputy chief.
 “I wasn’t going to make any promotions or demotions for six months [after his appointment as chief],” saud Blaquiere, I wanted to see how they worked with me and I worked with them.”
According to Blaquiere, Frost, who retired from the Department in 2016, has ample knowledge of the town and is a valued addition to the department.
“He has a lot of knowledge of the town and 52 years with the service,” said Blaquiere. “I’m using his knowledge to make my job a lot easier,” said Blaquiere.

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