As human beings we have the ability to choose for ourselves. Most of us, even those of us with less extensive education, have been raised with and adopt certain values. What’s most puzzling today is that such a large part of the American population has given up on those values and chosen to be entertained by a lying, cheating, self-interested, name-calling, bullying, dishonest person rather than to be governed by a wise, compassionate, empathetic, fair-minded, polite leader. True, no politician is perfect,  but we certainly have experienced presidents more selfless and seen the benefits of providing for all Americans, not just themselves and the wealthiest among the population.

What has happened to us as a nation that we are willing to tolerate the current situation? Checks and balances built into our three branch system of government have been ignored and much of the voting public doesn’t care.

We face huge potential problems. We cannot depend on the current, increasingly fractured system to deal effectively with things like the increasing frequency of national disasters, the determination among other countries to use our cyber systems against us or the hate being fomented among rogue terrorist organizations, domestic and international.

We need to stop listening to entertainers who won’t let conspiracy theories die and look to people with a balanced view, well-developed intellect and a desire to collaborate to regain our footing and plan for a long-range future rather than short-term gain.

Raymond Potter, Poland

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