DEAR SUN SPOTS: Several donors have been coming to our Auburn Goodwill store trying to donate wheelchairs and walkers after the March 13 Sun Spots, which said Goodwill accepts wheelchairs. That’s not true; we cannot accept wheelchairs or any assistive medical equipment.

We really appreciate you thinking of us though! We have a list of what we can and can’t take here: .

— Heather, no town

ANSWER: I do apologize for that, Heather. The reader was asking about where to donate a bedside commode and a walker and I shared the information I received from a Goodwill employee. Also, there are websites that list Goodwill as taking in medical equipment so it’s a bit confusing. Thank you for sharing this link that includes all the items that Goodwill does accept.

By the way, The American Red Cross will take wheelchairs. Readers, it’s always best to call ahead to make sure the location of the nonprofit you want to donate anything to actually can use it, and has room for your items.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Due to the COVID-19 alerts and social distancing, the Annual Hartford Spring Fling Craft Fair planned for Saturday, April 4, at the Hartford Town Hall is canceled. We will notify the public if a new date is chosen. It was sponsored by the recently opened Sophia’s House. We hope you will support this worthy cause at a later date. Please text or call 713-8944 or email [email protected]  if you have any questions.

— Arlene, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you know if anyone has received, in the mail, a form that says United States Census 2020 that is dated 3-12-2020? Is this a legitimate?

— No name, no town

ANSWER: Yes, that form is legit. People can now fill out the census online through a questionnaire by entering the 12-digit code from that form you received. I don’t blame you for being cautious about putting your sensitive information online. If you go to, you can be assured that this address is nota scam. The “.gov” portion of the web address means that the website is being used by a governmental entity, and the census you fill out will count as fulfilling your duty.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Was there a brickyard approximately 80 years ago in Lewiston on Main Street near Bearce Street?

— Joe, Lewiston

ANSWER: The Androscoggin Historical Society could have the answer for you. Its email is [email protected] and the phone number is 784-0586. Meanwhile, this is a great opportunity for readers to help out with this question!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I wanted to introduce myself as another upholsterer in the area after reading the March 6 Sun Spots. I have been upholstering for over 30 years for customers who have been referred to me by word of mouth references. Even though I’m self-employed, I am located within Gamache and Lessard Custom Window Treatments and work as their in-house upholsterer. Some of my work can be seen on Facebook at the Comfy Cushion Upholstery by Donna (Marie Harrington). My cellphone number is 212-6195 and my e-mail address is [email protected]

— Donna, Auburn

ANSWER: I shall add you to the Rolodex! Your work is beautiful, by the way.

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