DEAR SUN SPOTS: What a blast from the past when I read this morning’s (May 31, Reader needs help finding long-lost friend) column! The letter from ‘Prets’ looking for Janet Welch gave no contact information, but I still live in the area. — Jan, no town

ANSWER: If Prets will please write again, I will get you two old friends together. It is always very important to add your contact information to your letters, dear readers. I have to have a phone number or an email address and will not publish that information if you ask me not to. I hope Prets sees this update and gets back to me!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have some cans of latex paint that I’d like to dispose of. Would you know of a place that accepts these? Thanks for any help you can provide. — Larry, Turner

ANSWER: If you feel the paint is still usable and you have a full can or more, please take the time to call around to some area non-profits to see if they can use it. I say this because someone donated cans of paint to the little library I patronize and it was used to give the floors and stairway a much-needed freshening up.

If it’s just a small quantity, open the can and allow the paint to dry up so it can be disposed of easily. Do you have a permit to use the transfer station in town? Call 225-2980 and ask the experts what to do with it. The regular hours are Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30 to 3:45. However, the times may be adjusted during this time because of COVID-19.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have four old cell phones to dispose of. Where do they go and do I need to remove the battery? — No name, Mason Township

ANSWER: You can recycle those phones rather than dispose of them. Touch base with your local cell phone store. They should take them.

Another option is to donate your phone to They recycle any type of cell phone to support non-profits. Instructions are on their web site.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to find out how to ask radio stations 107.5 and 107.9, as well as other radio stations that play 70s and 80s music, why they play the Beatles and other singers, but never play the Bee Gees? Once in a while, they play “Saturday Night Fever,” but the Bee Gees made so many other songs and I would really like it if they got more air time. — No name, No town

ANSWER: Radio stations usually have request lines where callers can dial in and voice their preferences. Do keep in mind that these lines are often busy so you may have to try calling several times before you get through. You can also try writing them a note.

I can get you started with contact information for the two stations you mentioned. You can call 107.5 Frank FM at 1-888-863-7265. The mailing address is 30 Thomas Dr. Unit 4, Westbrook, ME 04092. 107.9 FM(the MIX) has an email address: [email protected].

We could all use some feel-good music from the Bee Gees right now. I hope these stations will accommodate your requests.

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