Question 1, the bond issue on the upcoming July 14 ballot, will address the situation those of us in rural Maine are in with regard to high-speed broadband access.

Maine is 49th out of the 50 states in this essential service. The COVID-19 pandemic has made Mainers personally very aware of this situation, as we struggle with inadequate internet access in working from home, in accessing education remotely, in keeping in touch with family, and in accessing tele-medicine.

A “yes” vote on Question 1 gives voters a chance to do something immediately to strengthen the economy, create jobs and build access to high speed internet, with special emphasis on rural areas. Question 1 will invest $15 million to improve access to high speed internet. It will be matched by $30 million in other funds to triple the impact.

This issue has been talked about for far too long. Let’s get it done and get Maine out of the cellar in terms of high-speed broadband access.

I urge voters to request an absentee ballot today and be sure and vote “Yes on One.”

Cathy Newell, Greenwood

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