Because a systemic problem took generations to create, a systemic solution, too, will take generations to solve. The problem at hand is the second-rate education being offered to children of color.

Children are being taught a curriculum that espouses the benefits of selling oneself short and never being urged to excel in realizing the American dream; too impossible to believe.

The solution to the problem at hand is an old-school program similar to the Peace Corps, but instead of sending young people abroad, keep them here to encourage and support an all-out effort for them to become teachers in support of minority communities that exist.

The curriculum would be first-class and would be taught in a way that would empower young people to believe in themselves and their God-given talents.

This commitment to the nation would most certainly not happen in my lifetime. Being young at heart and mind and woefully short on time, patience is a virtue.

Time is ticking, so now is the time for this country to right a wrong that was generations in the making.

Michael Boom, Lewiston

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