To the Editor:

I want to take this moment to publicly thank Marcel Polak for his 29 years of service to the Town of Woodstock and the SAD 44 School District as a school board member. In addition, he was chairman for two one-year terms.

Marcel has always had a steady hand and reflected on other’s opinions. He listened to discussion before making a recommendation or a decision. Marcel always voted to support education of the children. He was a mentor and volunteer with the Northstar program. One of his accomplishments was supporting the formation of the Telstar Freshmen Academy at the 4-H School in Bryant Pond. All Telstar freshmen attend that facility and learn teamwork. Hands-on learning is emphasized. He has been an active chair of the education committee and chairman for many years.

One of the more turbulent times was handling the potential withdrawal of the Town of Newry as the town threatened to leave the district. Marcel stood fast on this controversial issue, eventually finding a resolution mutually acceptable with Newry residents and with the other district towns.

He has served faithfully, always concerned about what is best for the young people in this community. Again I thank Marcel for his devotion to the students in this school district. His thoughtful mind will be missed on the new board.

Jane Chandler

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