To the Editor:

I support Katey Branch’s candidacy for Maine Senator for District 19.

I have known Katey for decades and have worked elbow-to-elbow with her at Fare Share Food Cooperative and the Alan Day Community Garden. I have known her as a friend, mother, teacher, therapist, gardener, and community leader. Katey has the skills, time, energy, and grit to serve in the Maine Senate.

I believe that we need more women in leadership roles, but beyond that, I believe we need more optimists. Katey maintains a hopeful outlook and works tirelessly in the direction of justice, peace, and hope. She is a bright light who serves as a beacon for those of us who sometimes succumb to cynicism.

I urge all voters to vote blue, but more importantly, to vote for new growth over tired, old stumps. In other words, for the Maine Senate, vote Branch!

Lisa Moore

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