I have a proposed solution to the space problems school systems are having keeping classes small and safe this fall:

I first suggest that all high school students learn remotely, except for special education. Middle school students would be split into 50% pods and moved into classrooms at the high school using a hybrid model, with half the classes in person on a Mondays and Wednesdays schedule; the other pods would go in person Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Special education would stay the same.  Fridays could be for teacher planning or for kids who have difficulty with hybrid learning.

Obviously, variations on that model would depend on the available classrooms and staff.

That frees up space for the older elementary 50% pods to take in-person classes all week at the middle school.  The remaining pods stay at the elementary school.

This plan allows parents of the youngest to work. Recreation programs need to be reconfigured to support families. Teachers could mentor education technicians as staff.

I offer this as one solution to the safety and space needs of the children who need to be with their peers.

Carolyn Davis, Lisbon Falls

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