I urge the reelection of Jared Golden to the U.S. House of Representatives. In his first two years in Congress, Jared has worked to ensure that all Mainers have strong, accessible health care. Now, when our health and safety are at risk from COVID-19, Jared has worked to defeat efforts to undermine that vital protection.

He has been a model of common decency in a time when mean-spirited words and actions by some elected officials have misrepresented the desire of most of us for government to fulfill its good purpose — building a strong economy with opportunity for all.

As he promised, Jared has listened to the concerns of all his constituents, not just those of powerful lobbies. He has resisted the influence of money in politics and followed his conscience. I have not agreed with all of his votes. Still, I trust Jared Golden to be thoughtful, fair, and compassionate.

Peg Hoffman, Lewiston

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