PARIS — Police arrested two juvenile males Monday on charges of aggravated assault for an attack on another juvenile on the Viking Trail on Friday.

The two juveniles, ages 14 and 15, were among a group of people seen attacking the victim on a video of the incident that was circulating on Facebook, according to a statement from Paris Police Chief Michael Dailey.

“The video, along with the outrage and concern it generated throughout our community, greatly assisted our investigators, who were able to quickly identify most of those involved,” Dailey said. “Our school resource officers along with community support were key in this process.”

The video shows a group of several juveniles attacking two juveniles in an opening along the trail. When the victims were knocked to the ground, their chief attacker jumped on them and started throwing punches at one of the defenseless victims, while others joined in by repeatedly kicking the victim. The video lasts approximately four minutes, with one of the victims getting into a second fight with his attackers.

Two or three bystanders were seen videotaping the incident. At least one of the attackers was a female.

Viking Trail goes from Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School on Route 26 to Oxford Hills Middle School on Pine Street.


The incident occurred near the area behind the Paris Utility District treatment plant, which the trail runs past.

Police will not release information on the severely injured victim’s age or the extent of his injuries. The juvenile was treated at a Norway hospital.

Paris police consulted with juvenile corrections officers and the District Attorney’s Office during the investigation.

Dailey added that additional juveniles may also face charges in the incident.

“Indications are that all of those involved are acquainted with one another,” Dailey said.

Having seen threats on social media, Dailey warned that officers will not tolerate any acts of retaliation.


Norway attacks

Similar attacks have occurred in Norway, with the last one reportedly occurring Sunday, but it is uncertain if the events are related or connected. Norway Police Chief Robert Federico was unavailable for comment Monday.

Dailey confirmed that other incidents involving juveniles have occurred in Norway.

One exasperated Norway parent contacted the Sun Journal on Facebook on Sunday and wrote that someone was attacked a day earlier and ended up in the hospital with severe injuries.

“There is a group of about 10 teenagers in Norway that are terrorizing the community up here. They have attacked my son, attacked at least five other kids,” she wrote.

She added that they also attacked a female who works at a local convenience store.

Other Facebook posts have described similar incidents.

“Something needs to happen because their violence is escalating! They showed up at my house with 30 kids to try to attack my son, and they drive by daily yelling and screaming at us,” she added.

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