To the Editor:

This upcoming election is undoubtedly one of the most important in generations as many crises collide to threaten the health and well-being of all Mainers and the planet itself. Maine is on the right track to lead the nation in bold climate action and managing the health crisis brought on by the global pandemic. Continuing our state’s leadership in environmental preservation and public heath means electing leaders that understand the intersection of these issues and are not afraid to fight for just and equitable policy to build the Maine of the future, a Maine with a vibrant economy built on renewable energy and a food system rooted in sustainable, regenerative agriculture.

Ken Morse is one of those leaders. His strong background in public health, community food systems, and climate action, along with his deep local roots and ability to listen to all sides, makes him uniquely suited to take on the challenges that will face Maine as we emerge from the pandemic. His history of weaving networks within networks will help him work build broad coalitions to bring about the visionary change that is needed in this moment. With leadership like Ken’s, Maine will build back stronger in a way that creates opportunity for all Mainers, while protecting our precious environment.

Maine cannot afford the kind of obstruction on renewable energy, climate policy and public heath exemplified by his opponent’s voting record. It is time for Mr. Millet to go. It is time visionary, passionate leadership to represent the people of District 71 and the great state of Maine. Vote for Ken Morse to be that leader.

Scott Vlaun

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