The election is over. Biden is the winner – not an apparent winner. In my lifetime, Trump is the only president who has not made a concession call to the winner and started the process of transition to a new administration.

He and prominent members of the Republican Party have made accusations of voter fraud and irregularities without providing any proof of these charges. They jeopardize the foundation of our democracy – elections where the winner accepts the transference of power from the loser.

Can anyone imagine what our country would be saying if this same scenario was playing out in another country?

In 2016, Republicans complained that Democrats were sore losers and whiners after Clinton’s loss. Few Democrats questioned our democratic process, claimed fraud or demanded recounts of their narrow losses.

When elected officials take the oath of office, they swear allegiance to the Constitution, not allegiance to a party or an individual, even the president. Republicans are repudiating their oaths by not speaking up in no uncertain terms that Biden is our president-elect.

It is time for Republicans to care more about our country and democracy than their thirst for power and partisan politics.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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