This week the Buzz is ready to saddle up to a few fun food facts and new eats.

First up: Lucky Tree Buffet.

The new restaurant was announced generally as “coming soon” on social media last month when Tin Tin Buffet closed in Auburn, but noticeably absent were details about where or when or what was meant by Lucky Tree having a partnership with Tin Tin.

It’s apparently headed to 40 East Ave. in Lewiston, the Promenade Mall, with an application now pending with the City of Lewiston for a new liquor license there.

Lucky Tree Buffet is described as a Class A restaurant/lounge with a start date this week. Its website shows shots of Chinese food staples like beef teriyaki and crab rangoon with the enticing words “all-you-can-eat.”

Attempts to reach the owner on Thursday were unsuccessful, so we’ll have to chew on the mystery of when it will open a bit longer.


Lobby closings

Androscoggin Bank announced that it’s closing its branch lobbies starting this week until further notice due to the rising spread of COVID-19.

The drive-through will remain open and a limited number of services, like coin orders and loan closings, will be available by appointment, according to an email to customers.

Chris Pinkham, president of the Maine Bankers Association, said he’s heard of other banks now considering the same and others having done it as far back as March.

“Since these past six months have shown that many transactions can be completed with (drive-thrus or appointments), this appears to work when a bank feels it is necessary,” he said. “I think customers in general understand (and) appreciate the banks’ concerns and recognize that cleaning, distancing and risks are all factors to be considered.”

Jen Burke at the Maine Credit Union League said it’s been much the same for credit unions with three temporarily closing their lobbies back in March and more looking at it now.


“Where lobbies are currently open, credit unions are following all required and recommended safety protocols,” she said, with tellers behind plexiglass, physical distancing emphasized and members required to wear face masks before entering.

Map by

Looking ahead to next week

Let’s end on a festive note! Sort of. released a map of the most popular Thanksgiving sides by state, arrived at using Google Trends’ November 2019 data, and in Maine it’s . . . the side salad?

To quote: “While Maine eats all the Thanksgiving classics the rest of the country does, the search interest in side salad is excessively higher than the remaining states — making side salads more popular in Maine than anywhere else.”

Feels like a stat that might be in need of a recount.


Google Trends this week also came out with the most uniquely searched Thanksgiving side dishes by state, tossing out the typical and zeroing in on the funk, and in Maine and Vermont both it’s . . . green bean casserole.

Rhode Island went for deviled eggs, Washington D.C. for duck confit and Missouri for cornbread casserole, which honestly sounds pretty amazing.

Now pass the ranch dressing for that side salad, please.

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