It’s come to this: We’re wrecking our own house.


We are a nation that operates by rule of law. Not, by rule of kings. That is the foundation of our republic.

This self-governed nation is the envy of much of the world, and we’re wrecking it.

We are trashing the very republic that we pledge allegiance to, and we are demonstrating not for right but for what?

Wednesday’s shameful attack on Congress was the work of a very vocal element of a small minority of the extreme right. An element whipped into a frenzy by a man who won’t lose quietly. Or gracefully. Or respectfully.


Members of this mob — as “mob” is the only word that works — do not represent the majority of hard-working, law-abiding Americans who embrace the freedoms bestowed on us by the Constitution. Freedoms we have the luxury to enjoy, unlike too many humans around the globe.

We have a right to assemble. Peaceably.

We do not have a right to pummel our way into the Capitol by breaking windows and physically threatening members of Congress.

We have a right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

More than 60 petitions alleging election fraud were made by Trump and others to secretaries of state and to courts across the land since Nov. 3 — all of which were found to be without merit. The vice president and former Attorney General William Barr, among so many others profoundly loyal to the president, have publicly defended the election process and have publicly rebuked Trump for his incessant cries of fraud. Makes one wonder what was said privately.

We have a right to freedom of speech, but there are limits to protect the safety of our citizens. Speech is intended to be heard, not weaponized to harm.


We can’t pledge allegiance to our republic and attack it at the same.

But, we are. And not just those seen running up the steps to the Capitol and tearing onto the Senate floor.

There can be no dispute that this is a nation divided. And, while Trump may have done more to inflame our beastly side than anyone could have ever imagined, the trenches we have built around ourselves are not his design alone.

The snarking and sniping that was the election cycle of 2020 was poison. Politicians knew it. Voters knew it. And we all played the game. To what end?

How did this nation — which is far from perfect and carries with it a history of inequality and suppression — go from a land of evolving promise to a state of take no prisoners?



Increments in which, when we overlook bad behavior in our leaders and compromise on ideals in our policies, fracture what we hold dear.

Our political system has always been about party, but party has long given way to power. And power gives reign to blind ego. Anything to obstruct the other guy.

Trump is not alone in this swirl. Nancy Pelosi comes to mind.

This nation operates by rule of law. Not, by rule of kings. That is the foundation and design of our republic.

Donald Trump is a great many things, but he is no king

And we are not peasants. None of us are.


We all, each one of us, has the power and voice to participate in strengthening our republic. In bringing civility back. In fighting for what is right and what is noble.

American ideals are not a myth. They are our foundation. A foundation of democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity and equality.

If we can all get back to that, we’ll get our republic back.

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