Why the people of Androscoggin County voted in a new charter a few years ago is the big question.

Citizens usually want a smaller government, but by voting in a new charter we got additional employees: from three commissioners to seven, and a full time administrator, all pulling salaries and benefits.

Of course, with bigger governments one gets additional people who may not all have common sense, and I am talking about wearing a simple protective mask. Being a spokesperson for their areas, one would think they would have enough decency to keep their idiocies to themselves and not bring it to a public meeting.

COVID has spread through the county building. Maybe the ignorant officials who choose not to use common sense should be removed from their elected offices and replaced with people who can make better decisions, or not be replaced at all.

We could go back to the original charter with fewer elected officials who could be vetted much better, weeding out people without common sense.

Steven Goulet, Greene

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