The Great Leaning Pole of Walmart
OK, what IS the deal with that leaning pole in the Walmart parking lot? Every day there’s a new picture of somebody’s car either tipped over on its side or just leaning comically because somebody drove into that pole again and at appreciable speed. Either we’ve got some strange magnetic anomaly going on over there or lots of people are just really, really, really bad drivers. I say we call in “MythBusters” to try and sort it out.

Yes, dear
One of my cats became waaay too possessive during the yearlong lock down. I was home so much, she went ahead and presumed this was a new law of the jungle, so now whenever I so much as leave the room, she stands there, paws on her hips, and starts yowling. It’s all “where are you going?” and “who are you going out with?” and “what time will you be back?” Not to mention “you have responsibilities at home, you know.” Nag, nag, nag, that’s all I get from this cat. Every time I come home these days, I expect to find her scowling in the doorway, her hair up in rollers, rolling pin clutched in one angry paw.

Wait a minute . . .
Do cats even HAVE hips? Doesn’t matter. You know the look.

Is it Cupcake Day already?
On Tuesday, in the early afternoon, somebody left a very nice cupcake on my stairs at home. A jumbo chocolate peanut butter jobby, it is, but I have no idea at all who delivered it. I’ve always heard there’s a cupcake fairy who leaves treats for good boys and girls in the spring, but I never got one. For obvious reasons.

The Potato Stick Underground
A helpful and very discreet reader got in touch to say he had scored some potato sticks, which I’d been having trouble finding in recent days. Clearly people are hoarding the things in preparation for Armageddon, which is probably just a few weeks down the road. But anyway, my new stick source not only located the goods, he stashed a couple cans somewhere that I can find them. Together we will establish a potato stick pipeline and save the day for countless snackers. Or, you know. We’ll hoard them.

Cupcake mystery solved
The mystery cupcake was left by my piano teacher on the eight anniversary of my first lesson. Since we always mark the occasion, I should have figured this one out. And I call myself an investigative reporter. Ha! Just kidding. No I don’t.

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