Some people are refusing to receive the COVID vaccine because they believe not enough testing has been done. Others refuse on religious grounds because fetal stem cells were used in development.

For those who believe there was not enough testing, is it reasonable to assume they will not take any of the new treatments? The treatments have not had any more research than the vaccine itself and they have not been used in as many patients. So at this point do they know how safe the treatments are?

The vast majority of drugs that have come to market in the last 40-50 years had fetal stem cells involved in their research. Based on the religious reasoning, will these same folks refuse to use any of these drugs, many of which are life saving?

Billions of doses of vaccines have been administered with very few major adverse reactions. The data clearly show it is safer than contracting the virus. Data also indicates vaccinated people are much less likely to have a serious illness due to COVID, require fewer hospitalizations and are less likely to die from COVID.

It is past time that more people become vaccinated to help our society get this pandemic under control.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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