I am a small business owner; people may have had a beer or drink at my bar, the Blue Goose. We’ve been serving the community for years, and I look forward to many more.

Since the beginning of the pandemic the economy has taken hit after hit. However, Congressman Jared Golden has been doing everything he can to fight for his constituents’ economic interests. He’s the only one telling the truth about the Build Back Better bill, by exposing some of the hidden giveaways to the wealthy in affluent cities.

Increasing the SALT cap, the second most expensive provision in the bill, is something that will cost middle and low-income Mainers for years to come. Our tax dollars are paying for a cut for the wealthiest Americans.

I also appreciate Golden’s vocal opposition to raising taxes on middle and low-income Mainers in the form of the proposed tobacco tax, which was removed and replaced by a tax on vapor and other cessation products. I hope that he will communicate to his Senate colleagues to remove the new vapor and other nicotine product tax from the Senate version of the BBB.

He does support many programs in the bill, but is taking a thoughtful approach to funding and longevity. There must be space for him to analyze the proposals and make adjustments to fit our needs better.

We need more of our politicians to act like him. To be considerate, critical and represent all of their constituents, not just their party.

Earl St. Hilaire, Lewiston

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