I thought of a way the silent majority can show its disdain for Washington.

On Dec. 8 I think we could do so on our porch flagpoles, stamps and car stickers. We could put the American flag upside down for that one day.

I figured the day after the Pearl Harbor attack would be a good day. Why? It’s because we are being attacked from within. I figure it’s being done between critical race theory and wokeness, and putting books in school libraries that fill our young minds with confusing stuff.

It is just an idea I have to try, to show how we all feel toward Washington right now.

I am sure there would be backlash for putting the U.S. flag upside down. The parents are starting to push back on these things; it would be a good way to show our support.

I feel we are in distress, and we have to make more people aware of it. We have to stop dividing people, and work to unite America again.

I appreciate people taking the time to read this.

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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