I totally agree with Lorraine Tyra (“Greenwood no hero for rejecting vaccine,” Nov. 19) that state Rep. Randall Greenwood shows a selfish disregard for the hospital staff at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

Not only was he selfish, but he also showed no appreciation or gratitude to the staff at the hospital who cared for him for 12 days; he could not be reached for comment.

He states people are not bothered by those who choose not to be masked and he is still not ready to get the vaccine. He shows no regard for his fellow Mainers, and I definitely will stay away from him. At the very least, those choosing not to be vaccinated could show some respect for others and be masked.

I expect more from elected officials. Greenwood thinks people are bothered “that you’re disobedient.”

No. I am bothered because his actions are impacting other Mainers in a negative way, and he seems totally unaware and uncaring of that fact.

Margaret Meyer, Auburn

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