LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen voted Tuesday to approve a $4.50 an hour retention bonus for police officers to try to stay competitive, retain officers on the force and attract new officers, Select Board Chairman Jim Long said Wednesday.

Michael Adcock, Livermore Falls police chief. Sun Journal file photo

The decision was made following an executive session.

Long said he will check with the Police Department’s union representative to make sure it is OK. He didn’t anticipate any issues.

Jay Select Board increased police wages in May to stay competitive.

Livermore Falls Police Chief Michael Adcock, who was in the executive session with selectmen, said it is a good step in the right direction.

“Hopefully we will be able to retain officers and even recruit prospective candidates,” he said.

The base pay for someone without the Maine Criminal Justice Academy training is currently $20.34 an hour. The bonus pay would make it $24.84. Someone certified with the academy makes a base rate of $21.34 an hour. The additional $4.50 an hour will make it $25.48.  It does not reflect pay with step increases or longevity.

Jay didn’t change starting pay for a patrolman, which stayed the same at $22.50 an hour as of June 4. The increases come into play if an officer has three years of service with Jay or Criminal Justice Academy training. In the initial contract, an officer meeting that criteria would be paid $23.58 an hour. In the adjusted contract, the officer will make $26.58. The wage rises in increments to reach $28.13 with 20 years of service, compared to the original contract amount of $24 an hour.

On July 1, most of the wages for police working for Jay increase again. A starting patrolman will make $23.18 an hour and receive $23.69 an hour after six months of service. For a person with one year of service or Criminal Justice Academy training, the hourly wage is $27.29 compared to the original contract wage of $24.29 an hour. With 20 years service that wage increases to $28.84 an hour under the adjustment. It would have been $24.71 an hour in the original contract.

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