LISBON — Town councilors approved the first reading of changes to the town’s Land Use Ordinance and rejected the second reading of a new Erosion and Sedimentation Control at Construction Site Ordinance at their Tuesday meeting.

They also approved Community Development Block Grant funding to one local business.

Councilors voted to approve changes recommended by North Star Planning to the town’s Land Use Ordinance concerning affordable housing to bring it into compliance with state statute.

North Star has been working with the Planning Board since August on the changes, planner Kate Burch said. It gives affordable housing density bonuses based on recent state legislation. Projects that fall under the state’s affordable housing definition, along with other specific stipulations, will be allowed to build more housing units on lots in town.

The changes also allow accessory dwelling units to be inside an existing home, attached to it or in a new structure.

Some requirements under the accessory dwelling units section were removed, including the requirements that there had to be two off-street parking spaces per unit and that either the principal dwelling unit or the accessory dwelling unit must be owner occupied, along with both of them remaining in common ownership. Burch and councilors both agreed that it was not practical to enforce the provision that required property owners to occupy the accessory dwelling unit or principal unit.


There was some discussion between Burch and councilors around the complications of the new state law that these changes stem from. All councilors voted in favor of the changes. There will be a public hearing for a second reading of the changes at the next Town Council meeting.

Upon second reading, councilors rejected a new Erosion and Sedimentation Control at Construction Site Ordinance that was intended to brings the town into compliance with state statute. It establishes minimum requirements and procedures to control erosion at construction sites and prevent migration of sediments from construction sites to other areas.

Its intent is to protect off-site natural resources, properties or regulated small municipal separate storm sewer systems, according to information in the ordinance.

The language in the ordinance proposed at the meeting was designed for another town and does not speak to Lisbon specifically, according to clerk Lisa Ward. It will be a tight timeline to get it revised and seen by the Planning Board before it needs to be in effect at the beginning of next year, but she believes it is possible so it meets the town’s specific needs.

There were questions about the errors at the first reading and the town manager agreed to look into the issue more and came back recommending that councilors not pass the ordinance. All councilors voted the ordinance down. It is expected to be back in front of councilors with revisions before the end of the year.

In other business, councilors approved a Community Development Block grant application submitted by Main Street Laundry for $20,000 to upgrade its façade and windows. The entire cost of that project is $26,666. There was little discussion among counselors before approving the application.

The town clerk announced a meet-the-candidates night at the next Town Council meeting, Oct. 17, at which people will have an opportunity to meet and talk to local candidates running for the Town Council and School Committee.

Town staff will also be able to ask questions about the two referendum questions on the town ballot, one regarding a bond for Burrough Road Bridge repairs and another to change the town charter to allow School Committee members to be elected during the June school budget referendum.

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