Is the problem with mass shootings due to mental illness, or could it be the constant barrage of fear mongering that floods our airwaves and newspapers?

Fear. Fear. Fear those who don’t practice your religion. Fear those from other countries. Fear those of a different skin color.

The National Rifle Association has met it’s goal of spreading fear by the constant drumbeat of “go buy more guns”!

If more guns made us safer we would be the safest country in the world.

Other countries struggle with mental illness, too. The United Kingdom, Canada , Australia, and New Zealand to name a few, but  they have mostly banned assault-style rifles to protect their citizens. They don’t have a mass shooting every day.

We need leadership, common sense and the ability of our elected officials to say no to money offered to them to look the other way and say never mind, it’s only the  ignorant people and the mentally ill who are affected by this constant slaughter. It doesn’t effect us and our loved ones.

We need intelligent, positive, caring individuals to lead us and save us from the constant negative drumbeat.

Carole Richards, Livermore

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