So … getting heat pumps is the answer. Right?

Do we have infrastructure to do this and all the proposed electric cars envisioned?

Fifty years ago we had 60 amp service entrances with glass fuses. Twenty years ago we had 100 amp entrances with breakers. Now we have to have 200 amp breaker boxes.

With all this electrification what infrastructure is proposed?

Now we have government wanting to shut down our oil furnaces in favor of heat pumps. Where is this electricity going to come from?

I have a woodstove in the basement that heats that section. I have heat switches that run fans to heat the first floor. I have a heat pump on the first floor run by batteries/inverter. If that lacks, my first floor furnace zone covers it.


My second floor is heated by the residual. If that is not enough, my second furnace zone covers that.

I have my two-story garage that is heated by propane. My house uses this to supply my generator, which can last two weeks.

There is going to have to be some wicked smart engineer or government official to convince me to change.

Your thoughts?

Marc Gosselin, Greene

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