Politicians must wake up. Whether they have been in office for 20 years, or are new to the process, the actions they take speak louder than their words.

If they tell us one thing, and then do the opposite, they are assuming that most of us are so stupid that we will not notice. They are dead wrong.

Many of our friends and neighbors have been “on the fence” with Congressman Jared Golden for two elections. He has always appeared and presented himself as a fresh voice who votes for his constituents and not his party. Was this the truth or just another false election statement?

Hamas is an evil terrorist group that must be condemned by all Americans. They butchered babies, mothers, grandparents and children during their terrorist attack Oct. 7.

“The Squad,” the liberal extremist group in D.C., is cheering on the mobs all over the world and condemning and blaming Israel for the war. They are wrong, and their continued service in our Congress is a stain on America.

How can Congressman Golden profess support for Israel while at the same time taking reelection money from squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Courage to Change PAC and from squad member Pramila Jayapal’s Build Our Movement PAC?

We demand that Congressman Golden return every penny of this blood money, and that he apologizes to Maine people for taking it. Lacking this, no one should ever vote for him again.

Maine people stand with our ally Israel and her right to defend her people until the threat is removed.

Rep. Tammy Schmersal-Burgess, Mexico; Joseph Martin, Rumford, state Senate candidate; Richard “Dick” Pickett, Dixfield, former state representative

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