I urge people to join me in voting for Mayor Carl Sheline in the mayoral runoff election.

Lewiston voters spoke loudly and decisively a few weeks ago by unseating three members of the City Council who frequently clashed with Sheline during the last term. Sheline’s opponent in this runoff campaigned alongside those ousted councilors and represents the same political perspective.

With a more collaboratively-minded City Council in place, we have a great opportunity to help move Lewiston forward by reelecting Sheline. He has been a champion for economic development, he understands that investing in our public schools is important for our future, and he is committed to making sure everyone has access to safe, affordable housing.

We can vote early or absentee from now until Dec. 7 by visiting or calling the city clerk’s office. Or vote in person at Longley School on Dec. 12.

Let’s return Carl Sheline to the mayor’s office.

Scott Harriman, Lewiston

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