Recently I drove through downtown Gardiner.

It reminded me of Lewiston’s upper Lisbon Street 47 years ago. Clean, vibrant retail stores and restaurants. Quite a contrast to today’s upper Lisbon Street.

With the closing of a Lewiston icon, J. Dostie Jewelers, a new vibrancy of homeless, alcoholics and drug addicts will flock to Lewiston’s new retail: marijuana stores and nonprofits.

Mayor Carl Sheline is touted as being readily available in Ward 3 and the tree streets.  The other wards — forget about it.

While the mayor and his three councilor cronies continually tore down and vilified the four opposing councilors, he attempted to usurp a nonexistent power by housing an overflow of refugees from Portland, also attempting to create a homeless shelter in the vacant Sun Journal building.  Taxes be damned.  In “Wokeland” it was the right thing to do.

We elected a new council. We need a new mayor. Vote Jon Connor.

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston

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