I’m responding to Tom Hart (“Biden is ruining America, bring back Trump,” March 15).

He should remember that when Donald Trump left office things were not so great. Mostly due to his lies, mishandling and, in my opinion, being the biggest spreader of the virus we know of.

President Biden did what? Lowered drug prices, passed the infrastructure bill, created more jobs than Trump, and while prices are up, so are wages.

We produce more fossil fuel and overall energy than ever before. Does anyone believe in truth anymore?

There are three big lies: first, Trump won in 2020; second, the economy is terrible; and third, Biden is senile. My opinion is, a vote for Trump is a vote for Putin.

Don’t worry about Hunter Biden, though; I’m sure that they’ll find a new “reliable witness.” Also, Biden never wanted to “nuke” a hurricane or swap Puerto Rico for Greenland.

Rudolph Ziehm, Sabattus

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