In this so-called poor economy, thousands of people flocked to Maine to view four and a half minutes of the eclipse, spending money on gas, food and lodging, and people say the economy is the problem.

Houses are selling in 24 hours after listing. There is plenty of money out there; the economy is not the problem, but rather our laws that favor the rich which are the problem. Any property near water is snatched up by the rich for ridiculous prices, usually outbidding all others. So people shouldn’t tell me the economy is the problem.

There are those who are trying to level the playing field to help the middle class get a fair share, but it’s like pushing a boulder uphill to change the laws to benefit everyone. Wages are going up, so making a good living is possible (except in Republican-led states down South).

Airport records are being broken every holiday by the thousands of travelers buying tickets, so people should look around and stop whining about the economy. They’re just listening to the wrong news programs, whose main purpose is to keep viewers down in the dumps.

People shouldn’t believe everything they hear, but instead just look around and use their own judgment.

Carole Richards, Livermore

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