G. Bennett: Maintain work requirement

I commend officials of the Department of Health and Human Services for not asking for a waiver to eliminate the work requirement for Food Stamps. I am afraid that the Democrats I have seen on the news do not understand that it is a federal requirement (as it should be). It is not wrong for... 7

H. Kenney: What could he do?

In his letter (July 22), Cornelius Swanton correctly stated that President George W. Bush asked for and received support from Congress for the U.S. involvement in Iraq. Swanton also stated "all available intelligence indicated that Iraq possessed WMDs." But there were no WMDs in Iraq. It w... 12

J. Goodman: Israeli actions justified

In her rebuttal letter (July 24), Kathleen Kienitz complained that syndicated columnists Charles Krauthammer and Cal Thomas were "inane" in writing about Israeli action in Gaza. However, she failed to mention any fallacies in their reasoning. It is true, the Palestinians have suffered seve... 5

T. Jacqmin: Time to stop the damage

In the Sun Journal on July 16, I saw an article, “Poland Board surprised by hefty bill.” I was shocked to see Poland residents are still paying money to state Sen. John Cleveland. Didn't Poland vote to end the contract with Community Dynamics Corp. back in April? That is Clevel... 1

R. Macdonald: A very real message sent

This is in response to Larry Gilbert’s letter “It was all rhetoric” (July 21). Although, on paper, Lewiston’s mayors have very limited power, in reality, they create an environment at City Hall that mirrors their political beliefs. It seems to me that Gilbert... 3

R. Poisson: 'Street Talk' column made sense

Send up the fireworks, Mark LaFlamme has finally made sense. I refer to his "Street Talk" column of July 24. Once in a great while, I read part of his tirades, but they usually don't amount to much. Most times he just rambles on and on, not saying anything. That column, however, about peop...

C. Jackson, S. Merrill, D. Duguay: Offer is fair, reasonable

The Oxford County deputies’ union walked out of bargaining with the commissioners two years ago, and did not return for 15 months. After seven more months, the union walked out again and we are now here. County Commissioners value the deputies’ service and have made fair, even ... 1

R. Melendy: Gov. LePage unveiled

Those who doubt that Gov. Paul LePage discredits the entire state of Maine and all of its citizens should review newspaper articles and editorials that reveal: • The governor stated that a Democratic leader, "... claims to be for the people, but he's the first one to give it to the pe... 36

B. Lounsbury: Better than 'politics as usual'

Most people agree that polarization has severely limited the ability of governments to do their jobs, especially the federal government. The situation is not so dire in the state of Maine, but there is a polarization problem here, too. Fortunately, Maine has a history of electing independent gove... 2

M. Morin: Would bankrupt Maine

In 2007, two Democrats, Tom Allen and Mike Michaud, served in Congress. Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that "We will bring transparency and openness to the budget process and the use of earmarks," (also known as "pork"). Allen submitted 125. And Michaud? Guess how many. Not 150... 5

S. Hinkley: Are Mainers pro-poverty?

This is in response to two articles that appeared on the front page of the Sun Journal (July 22). One was "Kids Count report: Maine children healthier, poorer." Within the article, it was stated that parents are below the poverty line because they lack secure employment, and that economic ... 1

L. Gibson: Keep Maine moving

I have been hearing some supporters of Mike Michaud talking about what a nice guy he is. While it's true that he is a nice guy, that doesn't get the job done. Being a nice guy hasn't created any record of accomplishment after 12 years in Congress. Being a nice guy didn't create solutions t... 7

E. Field: Watch what they do

America is a republic — a government where power should belong to all the people — but it's becoming an oligarchy — a country ruled by a small group of wealthy people. The Republican party is heavily funded by the billionaire Koch brothers, who want to eliminate Social Se... 25

R. Shaw: Photo showed poor judgement

I was totally shocked and dismayed at seeing the Sun Journal's front page photo (July 22) of two children swimming in a pool just after the tragic drowning of Abigail Rodrigue in Minot. The Rodrigue family is reeling in grief and sorrow at the loss of their little angel, which was reported by the... 3

In rebuttal, K. Kienitz: Deal in a humane manner

Media in the U.S. have consistently shortchanged the Palestinians when it comes to covering its conflict with Israel. The Sun Journal follows in lock step, first with an inane piece from Cal Thomas (July 16) and then with Charles Krauthammer (July 20). Unless one believes that invading Ira... 6

D. Grandmaison: Working together as problem solver

Heidi Brooks is running for House District 61 in Lewiston. Brooks is a well educated, common sense and caring person who has been involved in speaking up for the poor, the middle class, veterans, seniors and taxpayers in Lewiston, Augusta and Washington. Her leadership skills started as a ...

G. Mathews: New ideas, new leadership needed

In the Sun Journal story, “Poland board surprised by hefty bill” (July 16), John Cleveland overcharged the taxpayers of Poland by 80 percent over budget. I can understand why taxpayers of Poland could be outraged by his action. I would not normally worry about Poland town probl... 2

C. Swanton: Have to blame Obama

This is in response to a letter from Norman Smith (July 12). He blamed George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Colin Powell for the U.S. war with Iraq. But unlike President Obama, who bypasses Congress regularly, President Bush asked Congress for the authority for action in Iraq. He received almos... 22

L. Gilbert Sr.: It was all rhetoric

This is in response to a letter (July 17) from Daniel DiPietro who was critical of my comments in a Sun Journal article (July 6) in which I criticized Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald for his claims made at a news conference about Lewiston's efforts to end welfare fraud. The press conferenc... 1

P. Ledlie: Buckfield situation complicated

Buckfield needs to have a special town meeting devoted solely to the Buckfield Rescue Department. Here is why: The Rescue Department, like the Fire Department, is different from all other town departments. It responds to medical emergencies and provides potentially life-saving care. 1