MINOT – The Minot Historical Society will meet at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 13, for a special day session at the Minot Town Office. The speaker will be Ron Beady and his topic will be “Old Books.” Everyone is welcome.

A donation of $50 was accepted to be used on the floral garden park that is being prepared on the William Ladd Homestead site. President Hester Gilpatric reported she is still working on an honor roll of all Minot veterans.

Speaker was Eleanor Currier of Jay and her topic was “The Town of Flagstaff.” She spoke of living in the town as a child. There were 149 voters in Flagstaff when the town was flooded in 1949. The Flagstaff Cemetery was moved prior to the creating of Flagstaff Lake.

The lake is a wilderness lake, which is a storage supply for the Wyman Dam Electrical Station. The lake is 28 miles long and Currier’s father drove a tugboat on the lake hauling pulp, which was enclosed in booms. She showed photos of the town before the flooding and told of the 1923 and 1936 naturally occurring floods of the town.

Refreshments followed the meeting.

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