SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to Les Bois Carthage Inc. in Andover, Bethel, Hanover, Newry and Rumford.

Earl L. Tyler and Agatha R. Kimball to Douglas G. Fontana, in Bethel.

Zane C. Loper and Lawrence F. and Donnamarie Timm to Alicia L. Loper and Alicia L. Timm, in Norway.

Charles W. and Lynn B. Lidz to Alphonse Richard and Linda Tiner, in Hebron.

Kenneth Card and Jessica Richardson to Joshua J. and Heidi M. White, in Norway.

David A. and Charlotte S. Hutchins to Donald and Lori Bryant, in Andover.

Alphonse R. Gaudin to Doris P. Gaudin, in Mexico.

David J. and Lorraine I. Heikkenen to Linda S. and Thomas A. Pearl, in Oxford.

Town of West Paris to Samuel Small, in West Paris.

Roger L. and Jeannette A. Chartier to Robert J. Blouin, in Peru.

Janet L. Barnett to J. Preston Root and J. Preston Root 2000 Trust, in Rumford.

Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud to Lawrence J. Curtis Sr. and Tanya M. Curtis, in Rumford.

Elbert and Norman L. and Lawrence R. and John and Philip and Lawrence Q. Theriault to Joseph and Sonja Theriault, in Mexico.

Anne B. Crocker to Golden Mean Restorations Inc., in Paris.

Maurice R. Ignasiak to Hilton C. and Janatha G. Bailey Bruch, in Norway.

James S. Boyce to Roderick B. and Ann R. Cook, in Norway.

Robert Michael Stowell to Rhonda Stowell, in Hanover.

Darlene Alice Hall to Jeffrey and Lori Hall, in Andover.

David A. and Charlotte S. Hutchins to Vaughan P. and Meredith F. Damone, in Andover.

A C and D Construction Inc. and A C and D Construction Inc. to Michael Roland Bean and Heidi Diane Bean, in Rumford.

Joseph R. Wax to Jerry M. Wax, in Oxford.

Estate of David W. Fish and Elizabeth C. Bumby to Judy Brown Dunn, in Norway.

Dennis T. and Betty Jean and Calvin B. and Pamela J. and Calvin Woodworth to Michael J. Newsom and Kathryn E. Gardner, in Paris.

Bryce Butterfield and Robert J. Seeley to Sultan Corp, in Mexico.

Lloyd L. Poland to John A. Girouard, in Norway.

Loretta Nevitt to Jennifer Nevitt and Louisa Perdoni, in Oxford.

Richard and Lorraine H. Kennagh and Richard Kennagh construction Col. to AARE LLC, in Paris.

River View Timeshare Trust to Jan G. Moses and Judith A. Brissette, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Walter T. and Nancy B. Ruark, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Paul N. and Mary E. Charest, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Troy and Christy L. Edmunds, in Bethel.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Robert S. and Laura R. Potter, in Newry.

Esther E. Brooks to James E. and Judith A. Moody, in Greenwood.

Sarah V. Hodgkins to William C. and Mary E. and Frederick C. MacDonald, in Andover.

Peter G. Baker and Estate of Mary B. Tripp and Suzanne S. Hayner to Royal River Development Corporation, in Newry.

Thomas Carey and Mary Jane Cussak and Steven J. Glynn and Ina B. Carey 1992 Revocable Trust to Royal River Development Corporation, in Newry.

Suzanne Haviland to Donald W. McLean, in Norway.

Donald W. McLean to Suzanne Haviland, in Norway.

W R Rhea Associates Inc. to Robert M. and Christine M. F. Boutin, in Roxbury.

Verrill Group Inc. to Verrill Group Inc. Pension Trust, in Norway.

Faye Brown Bellefleur and Faye E. Brown to JLP Homes LLC, in Mexico.

David D. and Patti L. Toothaker to Arnold and Sandra Pendexter, in Norway.

Sherry Winckler to Ralph L. Brown, in West Paris.

Arlan R. Jodrey to Eleanor R. Jodrey, in Bethel.

Arlan R. and Eleanor L. Jodrey to Eleanor L. Jodrey, in Bethel.

Arlan R. Jodrey to Eleanor L. Jodrey, in Bethel.

Arlan R. Jodrey to Eleanor L. Jodrey, in Albany Township.

Arlan R. Jodrey to Eleanor L. Jodrey, in Greenwood.

Philip C. and Henry W. Jackson to Kathleen Rhoten, in Oxford.

Philip C. and Henry W. Jackson to Caldwell and Diane Jackson, in Oxford.

Caldwell and Diane Jackson to Benjamin E. and Nicole J. Pierce, in Oxford.

Charles R. and Margaret A. Gillis to Zachary T. Gillis, in Buckfield.

Marlan R. and Debra G. Dupont to Derrick L. Gammon, in Rumford.

Mary M. Benson to Jerome S. Benson, in Woodstock.

Jerome S. Benson to Mary M. Benson, in Woodstock and West Paris.

Michael A. and Robin C. White to Heather J. Rainsford, in Bethel.

Melissa C. Pratt and Melissa C. Mower to Melissa C. Pratt, in Paris.

Gilbert W. Millett and Estate of Alma B. Millett to Samuel D. Tufts Jr. and Sheila D. Tufts, in Waterford.

Earl L. Tyler and Agatha R. Kimball to Mark J. and Kimberly M.Kuzmeskas, in Bethel.

Clifford J. Kent to Deborah Moulton, in Norway.

Richard J. and Agnes E. Lecomte to Walter A. and Elizabeth Stanczyc, in Upton.

Jay R. McLaughlin to Norman and Audree Roy, in Rumford.

Patricia T. Jacobs and Estate of Lee Kilbreth and Estate of Alfred Lee Kilbreth to Patricia T. Jacobs, in Canton.

Eudora L. and Eudora Heath to Robert J. Heath, in Mexico.

Edward L. Coolidge to Gregory S. Coolidge, in Dixfield.

James K. and Karen K. Gallant to Alexander J. Gallant, in Mexico.

Barbara A. Friend and Estate of Kenneth A. Friend to Barbara A. Friend, in Peru.

Reginald D. and Jean A. Walker to Cheryl L. Bunker and Carla J. Walker, in Hartford.

Lucienne D. Gilbert to Lucienne D. and Donald R. Gilbert, in Rumford.

George Solari and Patricia S. Thurston and Estate of George Solari to Victoria Brooke Rosenberg. in Bethel.

Community Concepts Inc. to Tracy J. Plummer, in Oxford.

Community Concepts Inc. to Kathleen Y. Forbush, in Oxford.

Community Concepts Inc. to Shannon R. Tisdale, in Paris.

E. and L. Logging to Jason A. Wilkins, in Dixfield.

Fred Bartlett to Janet M. McPhail and Geraldine Roberts, in Mexico.

Constant T. and Cynthia A. Merrick to Nathan N. and Tara N. Pelletier, in Paris.

Thomas H. Chadbourne to Donald J. Logan Jr. and Patricia A. Logan, in Waterford.

Robert A. Roux Jr. to Gary and Kellie Jordan, in Buckfield.

Kellie and Gary Jordan to Kellie Jordan, in Buckfield.

Rodney and Sandra Smith to Day Brothers Inc., in Otisfield.

Marvel J. Bacha to Charles E. Howell, in Norway.

Joseph P. Fitzgerald to Georgette Jewell, in Paris.

Estate of Marjorie L. Collomb and Wayne A. Cox to Charles W. Sickmon, in Otisfield.

Jan Brownstein and Alan Obler and Jeffrey Smith, in Albany Township.

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