STRONG – The required three-years deputy sheriffs commissioning and traditional employees dinner were held Oct. 17 at the Forster Memorial Building with approximately 110 officers and guests attending.

Sheriff, Dennis C. Pike commissioned Chief Civil Deputy Clyde C. Barker of Strong as chef to prepare and serve the evening meal, consisting of baked turkey and ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, string beans, corn, pickles, olives, coffee and punch. Two special cakes, decorated with the new Franklin County Sheriff’s Department emblems, were served for dessert.

Following the meal, Pike welcomed the group and recognized several current and past deputies, including special recognition to Barker for his continuous, uninterrupted, 43 years of service to the county.

Also recognized were Richard (Dick) Chandler of Strong, for nearly 41 years of service and Harold (Stub) Hemingway of Farmington, with 38 years of service to the county.

Pike introduced Dedimus Justice Paul H. Mills, who presented a brief history of the sheriff’s department and administered the oath of office to 15 full-time deputies and 23 part-time officers, including two new part-time deputies, Cory Caldwell of Chesterville and Mary-Ellen Michaud of Norridgewock.

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