LEWISTON – The Jesus Party, Pentecostal Kids’ Church, selected its 2004 Divine Service Award winners at the ministry’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

The following awards were presented for “Promptness” to Taylor Burnham; “Exemplary Behavior” to Tahni and Alaya Burnham; “Excellent Attendance” to Nathan and Philippe Boulingui; and “Most Enthusiastic Participant” to Tabitha Haskell.

The Pastor’s Pride Award for “Faithfulness” went to the following children: Dalton Colby, Dylan Colby, Caitlin Colby, Courtney McIntire, Sophia Fonsworth, Lydia Fonsworth, Heather Bennett, Brittany Moreau, Joshua Moreau, Adam Moreau, Jasmine Flaherty.

Also, Destiny Reed, Darcy Reed, Savannah Barnes, Kelly Lagrange, Brittany Meservier, Brandi Meservier, Danielle Taylor, Japheth Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Kaitlyn Taylor, Jasmine Brewer, Nasir White, Kristen Towner, Angel Edwards, J.J. Arbour, Tony Towner, Michaela Simonelle.

Also, Kirtrina Jones, Tamika Jones, Brock Vachon, Christ Breton, Chris Musial, Novella Harris, Syvella Harris, Dellshawn Harris, Rayshawn Harris, Kiara Burnham, Sarah Powers, Branden Cundiff, Desiree Pauley, Tiffany Wright, Robbie Wright and Kayla Burnham.

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