Band has its joys and downfalls just as any other activity does. The people in bands can play all different types of music as long as they know the notes, can read the music and practice, practice, practice. There are two different band classes here at Lisbon High, concert and jazz. LHS also provides its students with many other courses involving music, such as Music Theory and Music Lab.

Like any other activity, band has advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages of band would be that band an elective. Students who would like to play an instrument can without spending tons of money on private lessons and the cost of the instrument. The students who would like to join band don’t have to own an instrument, but they would have to rent one from the school or a music store. In band the students get to know and work with the other members, making fast friends. When it comes time for a concert excitement arouses and everyone is required to be there (some may consider this as a down fall). Another advantage is LHS’ wonderful band instructor, Mr. Schran. He puts great effort into his work and encourages his students to do the best that they can. Mr. Schran always makes himself available to all after school for help in all musical aspects.

The disadvantages or downfalls of band may be the lack of certain instruments. In LHS’ band there is a shortage of trumpets, saxophones, trombones, and we could use more. Another disadvantage is the spacing. LHS’ band is currently using the cafeteria as their band room and it is sometimes difficult. Difficult as in needing to put the stands away every class and sometimes making more work for the janitors.

There are many different types of music and bands. LHS’ jazz band performs many different pieces of music. In concert band LHS performs all types of music in ways many people haven’t heard before. To do this the members of both bands must practice both in school and at home. The more you practice the better you get. Band is meant to be a fun yet sometimes a serious class. Those who are in band have an obligation to attend all band activities such as concerts, parades, football games, and other special events.

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