DIXFIELD – Ludden Memorial Library announces new arrivals for May.

Adult fiction

“Any Bitter Thing,” Wood; “Broken Prey,” Sanford; “Countdown,” Johansen; “Marker,” Cook; “Philippa,” Small; “Pretty Women,” Michaels; “Private Pleasures,” Small; “Rage,” Kellerman; “Sullivan’s Justice,” Rosenberg; “The Gypsy Moon-1940,” Morris

Also, “The Hope Within,” Peterson; “The Kite Runner,” Hosseini; “The Mermaid Chair,” Kidd; “The Revelation,” Lewis; “The Sugar Camp Quilt,” Chiaverini; “Transgressions,” McBain; “Velocity,” Koontz; “Vendetta,” Michaels.

Adult nonfiction

“A Lotus Grows in the Mud,” Hawn; “Addicted to War: Why the U.S. Can’t Kick Militarism,” Andreas; “Audubon North American Bird Feeder Guide,” Burton; “Cruden’s Compact Concordance,” Cruden; “Designing with Photos,” Jones; “Garden Walks in New England,” Harrison.

Also, “How Did I Get Here? ,” DeAngelis; “Inside the Wire,” Saar; “Living with Brain Injury,” Senelick: “One Soldier’s Story: A Memoir,” Dole; “The Devil’s Teeth,” Casey; “The Quiet Killer”; “The Rivals: The Boston Red Sox vs. the New York Yankees,” Anderson; “The South Beach Diet,” Agatston; “Trump: The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received,” Trump; “Youth Baseball Drills,” Schupak.

Adult fiction large print

“A Place Called Wiregrass,” Morris; “After Shocks,” Coulter; “Led Astray,” Brown; “The Tea House on Mulberry Street,” Owens.

Juvenile fiction

“A Crack in the Line, Lawrence; “A Place for Nicholas,” Floyd; “Al Capone Does My Shirts,” Choldenko; “Artemis Fowl – The Opal Deception,” Colfer; “Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs,” McDonald; “Blankie,” Patricelli.

Also, “Bones and the Cup Cake Mystery,” Adler; “Box Car Children #102,” Warner; “Carnival at Candlelight,” Quick; “Forty-seven,” Mosley; “I Like it Like That,” Von Ziegesar; “Kara and the Moon Colored Mare,” Duey; “Lara and the Gray Mare,” Duey; “Lara and the Silent Place,” Duey; “Lara in the Athenry Castle,” Duey.

Also, “Near One Cattail…,” Fredricks; “One Big Building,” Dahl; “Peggy and Dad Go Fishing,” Martin; “Pigsty,” Teague; “Pitter Patter,” Liggett; “Puppies, Puppies, Puppies,” Meyer; “Rickie and Henri,” Marks; “Rough Weather Ahead for Walter the Farting Dog,” Kotzwinkler.

Also, “Ruby Lee the Bumble Bee:…,” Matheson; “Stanley in Space,” Brown; “The Boy Who Couldn’t Die,” Sleator; “The Boyfriend List,” Lochart; “The Prophecy of Stones,” Bujor; “Where’s My Tail,” Schafer.

Graphic novels

“Imperfect Hero”; “Ultimate Spider-Man: Super-Stars,” Bendis.

Juvenile nonfiction

“A Stargazer’s Guide,” Asimov; “Animals on the Other Side,” Browne; “Building the Panama Canal,” Crewe; “Metamorphic Rocks,” Stewart; “Nature’s Art Box,” Martin; “Pasta,” Mayo; “Tattoing and Body Piercing,” Winkler; “Turtle Tide,” Swinburne.

Audio CDs

“Fine Things,” Steel; “Forty Seven,” Mosley; “Gift from the Sea,” Lindbergh; “No Place Like Home,” Clark; “Two Dollar Bill,” Woods.


“A Loving Scoundrel,” Lindsey; “Black Ice,” Stuart; “Bloodlines,” McCarl; “Close to You,” Dodd; “Elusive,” Hooper; “Hallowed Bones,” Haines; “Hawke: Showdown at Dead End Canyon,” Vaughan; “More Than a Cowboy,” Nicholson; “My Seduction,” Brockway; “My Surrender,” Brockway.

Also, “Promise,” Hoffmann; “Promises to Keep,” Crandall; “Quest of the Mountain Man,” Johnston; “Seven Minutes to Noon,” Pepper; “Sin and Sensibility,” Enoch; “Single with Kids,” Kent; “The Man for Her,” Valdal; “The Trailman…,” Sharpe; “Wrath of the Mountain Man,” Johnston.


“My Life,” Bill Clinton.

CD Rom

“A Maine Encyclopedia.”

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