SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Christopher R. Campbell to Christopher R. and Diane J. Campbell, in Hartford.

Robert A. and Jean I. McAllister to Robert A. and Jean I. McAllister and David A. and Patricia Duguay, in Otisfield.

Mark McAlister to Laurie I. Babineau, in Hartford.

John R. Littlefield to Edward J. and Dianne M. Leonard, in Woodstock.

James E. Jr. and Deborah A. Deshon to James E. Sr. and Geraldine Deshon, in Paris.

Savage Land Development LLC to Ryan Lancaster, in Bethel.

Cesidio A. and Sally S. Tessicini to William W. III and Nancy Stowell White, in Woodstock.

Jeffrey A. McCreary and Luca Cattaneo to Jeffrey A. and Julie A. Grillo McCreary and Luca and Samantha Hallisy Cattaneo, in Greenwood.

Leo F. Gallagher (tr) and Vilma A. Gallagher (tr) and Leo F. Gallagher Trust to Lisa Gallagher Bancroft and Robert Bancroft, in Rumford.

Christina F. Kimball to Edward J. Yasko Jr., in Bethel.

David M. and Sandra M. Cleveland to Melissa D. and Nathaniel D. Philbrick, in Rumford.

George L. Crockett and Carolyn R. Bachelder to Frederick A. Pierce, in Bethel.

Wight Enterprises LLC to Bryan M. Magliocca Sr., in Woodstock.

Bryan M. Magliocca Sr. to Wight Enterprises LLC, in Woodstock.

Susan A. and David M. Paradis to Kris L. Lokken, in Norway.

Stephen J. Riggott Jr. to Alfred J. and Grace F. Merrick, in Paris.

James V. Jr. and Serena Cole to Jennifer McVey, in Mexico.

Robert and Janet Hooley to Robert Hooley (tr) and Janet Hooley (tr) and Christopher M. Valliere Supplemental Care Trust, in Hartford.

Robert V. Mormile and Pamela A. Morra to Richard E. II and Eileen A. Dubois, in Norway.

Richard A. Tibbetts and Dale R. Verrill to R. and D. Land Sales Inc., in Oxford.

Aubrey Lieberman to Aubrey Lieberman and Joseph P. Kagan, in Newry.

Aubrey Lieberman to Joseph P. Kagan, in Newry.

Michael L. Dern and Joseph P. Kagan to Joseph P. Kagan, in Newry.

Michael L. Dern to Michael L. Dern and Joseph P. Kagan, in Newry.

Ronald J. and Maureen LaRoche to Shawn C. and Cheryl A. Lambert, in Newry.

Alan R. and Andrew E. Bradford to Jesse F. Jellison Jr., in Township.

Jacques G. Dupuis to James Cole, in Mexico.

Lisa A. Belanger Turnbull and Lisa A. Belanger to Gail A. Rodriguez, in Dixfield.

Linda M. Keene and Linda M. Horne to Christopher Ball in Oxford.

Jeanne M. and Thomas B. Morgan to George J. Cataldo, in Rumford.

Oxford Properties LLC to Bernice J. Harrington, in Canton.

David B. and Claudette I. Vail to Claudette I. Vail, in Hanover.

Juliette M. Robichaud to Juliette M. Robichaud and Joanne R. Sauer, in Dixfield.

Joseph E. and Carole L. Grubb to Walter Jabs Jr., in West Paris.

S. Jean Kailey to S. Jean Kailey (tr) and S. Jean Kailey Revocable Trust, in Bethel.

Danny E. Newell to David E. and Deborah K. Andrews, in Paris.

U.S. Bank N.A. (by atty) to Doreen E. Madden, in Rumford.

Brant Nelson and Nancy Nelson (by atty) to Kevin Scott and Susan Merrow, in Andover.

Donald F. Jr. and Colleen E. Hebert to Michael A. Downs and Lois N. Graves, in Dixfield.

Francis X. and Jeanne F. Mahoney to Thomas J. and Patricia D. Mahoney, in Greenwood.

Annie Shorette to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Estate of Donald Alan Aylward and Elsie Aylward (pr) to Elsie Aylward, in Township.

Jay R. McLaughlin to Ellen J. McLaughlan, (2) in Rumford.

Manley Dakin to Robert D. Berry, in Hartford.

Amm Marie and Ann Marie Marr and Barry K. Johnson to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Thelma L. and Thelma Belloli to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Ernest and D. Patterson to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

H. David and R. Jean and David and Jean Haynes to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Michael and Linda Adkins to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Lydia and Lydia A. Coombs to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corporation to Lydia A. Coombs, Michael J. and Linda Adkins (2), Barry K. Johnson and Ann Marie Marr, David H. and Jean Haynes, Ernest I. and D. Patterson, Michael and Marcia A. Donovan, Gene P. and Sheila A. Silva, Thelma L. Belloli, David A. and Patricia J. Taylor, Troy A. and Erin J. Sergent, Michael L. Hespelt and Lisa A. Quinlan, Michael A. Moore, all in Bethel.

Colleen E. and Daniel P. Bernard and Colleen E. Donahue to Douten D. and Donna M. Thomas, in Rumford.

Douten D. and Donna M. Thomas to Roger L. Sr. and Janice K. Day, in Rumford.

Roger L. Sr. and Janice K. and Roger L. Day to Douten D. and Donna M. Thomas, in Roxbury.

Frank L. and Shirley E. Swett to Honeymoon Housing LLC, in Mexico.

Irene Y. Trundy (by atty) to Paul J. Theriault, in Mexico.

John J. and Sandra L. Hebert to Suzanne Bernhard, in Dixfield.

Andre LaBrecque to Webster N. Jones, in Bethel.

Hale Bros. Inc. to Thomas A. Kennison, in Oxford.

Judith M. Buss and Paul W. Cardello to Brian and Lisa and Marina Sessions, in Hanover.

Robert A. Everett (pr) and Estate of Camilla R. Everett to Robert A. Everett, in Bethel.

Helen M. Gilbert to Linda E. C. Gilbert, in Rumford.

Thomas Morris and Vallee Bordinaro to Edward P. and Patricia K. Schreiber, in Newry.

Donald O. Brown to Three M. Builders Inc., in Newry.

Marshall Trust and Roger J. Caldwell (tr) to Chuck R. Starbird, in Oxford.

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