Hi, I’m Laura Koscinski, one of Mr. Tom Kelley’s advisees. I interviewed him about what he liked, what he expected at Tripp Middle School. I even asked him about what kind of candy he liked it was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Joys. His hobbies are restoring old homes and landscape, swimming and skiing. Everyone likes a certain baseball team. . . wait-sorry some people don’t, but Mr. Kelley does and his favorite baseball team is the Red Sox. I wondered what he thought was the weirdest thing about Tripp and he said how quiet the school is. I also asked him what kind of music he listened to and he said that he liked 70s and 80s, but he usually listens to pop because that’s what his kids listen to! Mr. Kelley’s favorite book is Sign of the Beaver and favorite subject is Social Studies.

When I asked him what he did before Tripp, I myself was very impressed; he told me he worked with preschoolers who were diagnosed with autism. I thought that was pretty cool. Right now Mr. Kelley works in a room called the resource room with just 7th graders. The resource room what’s that? I asked him and he told me, “The resource room is a space where kids who need extra support or learn in a different way, get the help that they need.” Usually he’s helping around 12 kids each class, but there can be anywhere from 5-22 kids in each class.

I wondered if he had ever taught any extra curricular activities, he said, in these exact words, “Um. I’ve done a lot of clubs like math clubs or enrichment clubs.” I thought that was also helpful. Mr. Kelley says right now he loves Tripp, and that he’s very happy with his classes. One of his expectations for the Tripp students is that they are respectful kids and that they try as hard as they can. He says that he wants every student that he works with to have the most successful year they’ve ever had.

Mr. Kelley said that the best thing about Tripp that he noticed was that the people and kids are really nice and teachers are also very nice and helpful; the administration is good too.

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