As this country was in the making

they considered it free

but people tell me to shut my mouth because I’m only 14.

While if you haven’t noticed

it’s not hard to believe

that half of this country is made up of kids and teens.

So if you block us out

and you don’t allow us to speak

then you are blocking out half of this country.

Yes , we are young

and we have much to learn

but all of us still have our concerns,

about who leads this country

and who will go to jail after court is adjourned,

so don’t walk away

don’t shut us out

because all I’m asking is that you hear us out!

Now that you’re listening, the war in Iraq seems so pointless to me.

He’s trying to finish a war his father started, is truly my belief.

I have family over there

risking their lives for me.

I’m terrified of hearing their names over the TV.

We kids have parents and friends out there.

We might seem calm on the outside

but inside we’re scared.

I wrote this for all the kids who feel just me.

we kids are going to make a difference just wait and see!

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