AUBURN – At the 2005-2006 Shooter of the Year Tournament at Central Maine Archery, Matt Burke and Dan Morin wound up in a tie-breaker. Morin, of CMA, won the shoot-off to claim the first annual NFAA/MAA Shooter of the Year Award.

Following were the results of the 2006 Maine State Indoor Championship held recently at Central Maine Archery:

Cub (under-12): male, bowhunter freestyle, Dakota Halliday, 84; freestyle limited recurve, Riley Perkins, 220 (State Record); female, freestyle, Gabrielle Cyr, 225 (State Record).

Youth: (12-14): bowhunter freestyle, Travis Elliot, 299 (State Record); Levi Cyr, 294; Tyler Halliday, 246; Alex Sargent, 136; freestyle, Levi Cyr, 300; Travis Elliot, 299; Eric Plourde, 297; Joey Hunt, 284; female, freestyle, Katheen Copp, 287; Emily Parker, 255.

Young Adult (15-17): male, freestyle, Jesse Liberty, 294; Adam Gallant, 290; Curtis Rowe, 287; freestyle limited, Adam Gallant, 245 (State Record); bowhunter freestyle, Gallant, 278 (State Record); female, freestyle, Kendall Nicely, 296 (State Record).

Adult (18+): female, freestyle, Brenda Cousins, 299; Kim Plourde, 296; Dana Cyr, 292; Tabitha Halliday, 266 (Two Robinhoods); barebow, Moe Bazinet, 243 (State Record); freestyle, Chris Mizner, 300 (tied State Record); Matt Nicely, 300; Dan Morin, 300; freestyle limited, Rick Kanagas, 278; Matt Burke, 300; Dan Morin, 300; Brooks Bowen, 300; Steph Hamner, 300; limited recurve, Richard Byrne, 287; David Cousins, 300; Roger Thibault, 300; female, freestyle, Bobbi Foster, 266; Cathy Blais, 255; male, traditional, Chris Mizner, 222 (State Record); female, limited recurve, Charlene Stewart, 260 (State Record).

Senior (55+): bowhunter freestyle, Dave Abbott, 293; Tony Parr, 293; freestyle, Raymond McIntire, 299 (tied State Record); Dave Abbott, 295; Dan Liberty, 294; female, freestyle, Cecile Coffin, 236 (State Record).

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