Two area golfers shot a hole-in-one in recent play.

Ethan Jones, 16, of Buckfield, notched a hole-in-one at Hebron Pines on Friday, Sept. 15 He used a 5-wood to ace the #7 hole, 165-yards. Witnesses were Steve Bly, John Lowell, Jim Reid (uncle) and Rick Jones (dad). The 5-wood was a gift from Ethan’s grandfather, Dick Jones, who also registered a hole-in-one at Hebron Pines last summer.

Casey Cantwell shot his second hole-in-one this season on the same hole at Summit Golf Course at Poland. He again aced the #6 hole, 197-yards, using the same 6-iron.

Apple Valley

LEWISTON – Men’s Twilight League, Sept. 18 standings: Steve Samson-Doug Bowie, 22; Bruce Milliken-Gary Landry, 22; Andy Durisko-Phil Pelletier, 20.5; Lance Vallee-Dan D’Auteuil, 20; Marty Roop, Sr.-Scott Barden, 18; Tim Pelletier-Dave Gregoire, 17.5; Marc Poulin-Moe St. Laurent, 17.5; Rene Dubois-Peter Wade, 16.5; Glenn Fillion-Joe Fillion, 16; David Pridham-Chris Welch, 16; Steve Roop-George Hopkins, 16; Gene Flaherty-Chad Landry, 14; Maurice Sampson-Dick Cyr, 13.5; Dennis Moore-Steve Collin, 13.5; Mark Elie-Al Tomlinson, 12; Lew Perry-Kevin Calder, 11.5; Pat Beaupre-Todd Michaud, 9; Gary Adams-Bob Berube, 8.5; Bill Hunter-Don Conant, 8.5; Leo Lafrance-Don Lafrance, 4.5. Closest to the pin #3, Marc Poulin, 10’7″; #5, Phil Pelletier, 8’7″; low gross, Rene Dubois, 34; net, Steve Samson, 28.

The Meadows

LITCHFIELD – Monday Morning Men’s League, Sept. 18: 1. John Hodgkins, 4 points; 2. Roger Bertrand, Dick Estes, 3. Closest to the pin #15, Estes, 18’6″.

Wilson Lake

WILTON – Sept. 15 pins: #2, Dick Fernald, 22’5″; #7, Dave Henry, 15′; #16, Mike Tibbetts, 10’1″. 2-Man Blind Draw: 1. +11, Mike Tibbetts-Rick Wells; 2. +8, Cliff Harris-Dick Fernald.

Sept. 16 Pins: #2, Jack Lambert, 48’5″; #7, Dick Nile, 6’4″; #16, Nile, 11’7″.

Sept. 17 Pins: #2, Rob Donald, 5’9″; #7, Dave Henry, 4’11”; #11, David Nemi, 10’7″; #16, Dick Nile, 4’2″. 2-Man Blind Draw: 1. tie, +11, Matt Leclair-Warren Rollins, David Nemi-Jim Gould.

Sept. 18 Pins: #2, Munroe Hawkins, 13’7″; #7, Dick Nile, 16’9″; #16, Cliff Harris, 6’4″.

Upcoming event: Sept. 24, Elks Tournament (course closed until 2 p.m.).

Whittier tourney results

POLAND – Following are results from the Bruce M. Whittier Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament held earlier this month at Fairlawn Golf Course:

Gross: 1. Dan Printup, Greg Bubier, Jeff Keene, Scott Honaker; 2. V. Marcotte, R. Marcotte, J. Marcotte, B. Marcotte; 3. Tom Vining, Bob Tayor, Mike Labree, Jeff Ducharme. Net: 1. Sam Libby, Scott Libby, Bob Ferland, John Fletcher; 2. Ed Whittier, Fran Dinado, Paul Albison, Rich McPhail; 3. Dick McElhaney, Steve Locke, Jr., Jerry Locke, Lou Guerette. Closest to the pin, Roland Girard; long drive, men, Greg Bubier; women, Karen Nichols.

Travel League

ROCKLAND – Following are results from the Area Golf League held Sept. 13 at Rockland CC: 1. R. Heikkinen-R. Heikkinen; 2. B. Miller-C. Leavitt; 3. tie, D. Kus-J. Walp, Sr.; B. Deshaies-J. Walp, Jr.; R. Lagasse-B. Miller. Closest to the pin: D Beisaw, B. Deshaies; high plus winners, T. Burnett-J. Jellison.

WMSGA tourney

BANGOR – Following are results from the Women’s Maine State Golf Association tourney held Sept. 19 at Bangor Muni Golf Course:

Flight A-1: gross, Liz Coffin, 76; Jean Sweetser, 79; net, Arlene Adams, 66; Marlene Viger, 69. Flight A-2: gross, Ilse Pfander, 84; Terry Hamm-Morris, 86; net, Darby Vigue, 66; Yukiko Bigney, 67. Flight B-1: gross, Claudette Amoroso, 88; net, Carole Cook, 66. Flight B-2: gross, Evelyn Bouchard, 92; net, Janice Morong, Janice Ogier, 64. Flight SSA: gross, Jane Diplock, 83; net, Jan Splaine, 71. Flight SSB: gross, Mary Smith, 93; net, Lill Wark, 65. Pins: #3, Linda Holmes, Carole Sanders; #6, Arlene Adams, Jeanette McCurdy; #11, Jean Sweetser, Carolyn Langley; #16, Sandy Meehan, Ilse Pfander.


NEWRY – Results from the Southern Maine Women’s Golf Association tourney held Sept. 19 at Sunday River Golf Club:

B-1 Division: gross, Ellen Nelson, Susan McLain, 99; Nancy Stewart, 101; Sherry Dunkin, 104; net, Deb Manzi, 102-73; Joan Cyr, 103-73; Dianne Smith, 104-74; Shirley Penrod, 105-76. B-2 Division: gross, Janet Stewart, 102; Ann Norton, 105; Barbara Stevens, 110; Madeline Joyce, 112; net, Carolyn Larson, 104-70; Corleen Garland, 107-74; Sally Brogan, 112-79; Jan Boland, Laura Connors, 115-80.

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